About Me

Hello! Welcome to my webspace. My name is Dinusha Nivanthaka Amerasinghe.  I’m currently employed as a Senior Software Engineer. Ive been developing software full-time since 2006. Before that I did programming during my school years using Pascal. Im a self learner and most of the things i have learned by myself. I have also completed a course on Web Designing, in which i learned basic graphics editing skills. A foodie born and raised in Sri Lanka, i’m an australian permanent resident.

I like reading, traveling, listening to Music, Watching Sci-Fi Movies and playing with electronics. I have hobby level experience in programming micro-controller families of Microchip PIC16F, PIC12F and PIC18F as well as Atmel AVR Atmega series.

You can find more about me in this website. I can be occassionally found answering on various Q/A sites such as Quora and Stackoverflow. Here is my old blog from Blogspot, It hasn’t been updated in a long time.