About Me

Hello! my name is Dinusha Nivanthaka Amerasinghe. I’m a Computer Programmer hailing from Sri Lanka. I have a Bachelors in IT from University of Colombo and a Masters in Computer Science from University of Moratuwa. I’m Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer. Ive been developing software since 2006. Before that I did programming on and off during my school years using Pascal. Im a self learner, most of the things i have learned by myself. I have also completed a course on Web Desiging back in 2004 in which i learned basic graphics editing. At present im following several online courses on Udemy, EdX and Coursera.

I like reading, traveling, listening to Music, Watching Sci-Fi Movies and playing with electronics. I’m particularly interested in developing IoT devices. I have hobby level experience in programming micro-controller families of Microchip PIC16F, PIC12F and PIC18F as well as Atmel AVR Atmega series.

You can find more about me in this website. Please check my GitHub account regarding my non-formal work. Here is my old blog from Blogspot, It hasn’t been updated in a long time.